Answering a Call

It isn’t all businesses that can afford to pay someone just to answer the calls but if you out source your incoming calls, all your calls can be answered without too much expense. There are services like Courteouscom that can assist a small business at a price that will pay for itself by the extra business it can provide any business regardless of how small. Here are just some of the benefits that this type of service can provide:

• Never miss a call – If you were to miss a call, that call could have meant a great deal of extra business and so no call can afford to be missed.
• No receptionist – A business does not have the expense of a full time receptionist or the hassles extra staff bring and yet has most of the benefits a receptionist can offer.
• Open all hours – This type of service can answer calls even when your business is closed and take messages for you to answer when you open.
• Allow you extra time – If you do not have to stay by the phone, you can be busy with more productive issues.
• Keep a calendar – A good service will be able to manage your appointments, updating your calendar.
• Personalized service – Most answering services will customize their service to the personal needs of any small business.
• Saves HR – Out sourcing your answering service means a small business does not have problems with shortages due to sickness or vacations.
• Image – If a small business has a professional answering service it gives the impression that it is larger than it is and shows potential clients that the business is professionally minded.
• Better communications – A professional answering service will pass messages on via email, phone or whatever other communication device the business owner prefers.
• No contract – Many answering services do not require that a contract is signed for a set period of time, leaving the business owner options on whether to continue or not.
• An answering service provides clients with a more personal touch than an answering machine would.
• Free trials – many answering services offer free trials and so there is no cost to a business whilst discovering their benefits.
• 0800 number – A professional answering service may be able to offer a small business a 0800 number, even if they do not have a conventional phone line.
• Recordings – Answering services will often, if requested, provide recordings of all incoming calls.
• No distractions – It is well known that the biggest distraction in any work place is the telephone and so by alleviating the need for a small business’s staff to answer the phones, distractions are greatly reduced and productivity increases.

These professional answering services are not just beneficial for small businesses, they can also be very beneficial to legal or medical practitioners. They are reliable and cost effective whilst increasing the image of whoever uses them. Most of these services employ experienced staff or give their staff special training in how to be courteous and polite on the phone.